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Adrian Horotan

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Adrian is a General Partner with Safer Made. Prior to Safer Made, Adrian made venture investments with Elm Street Ventures, the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Innovation Fund, Connecticut Innovations, and Launch Capital. Before working in venture, Adrian worked in corporate finance and investment banking.


Adrian holds a master of environmental management from Yale (2010), and an MBA from INSEAD, France (2001).


Adrian lives near New Haven, Connecticut with his wife and two children.

Marty Mulvihill

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Marty is a General Partner with Safer Made. He was a co-founder and the executive director for the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry (2010-2015) and is a respected name in the green chemistry community. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies in the personal care, construction, electronics, and apparel industries to help them replace hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives. He has developed technologies that help provide access to clean drinking water in the developing world and created new approaches for the design of safe, bio-based materials.


Marty has a PhD in Chemistry from UC Berkeley (2009).

Marty lives in Oakland, California with his wife and daughter.

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