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New York Times Op-Ed

If We Stop Burning Fossil Fuels, Will We End Up With More Plastic and Toxic Chemicals?

The challenges of climate, plastic pollution and chemical toxicity are interrelated and require a systems approach. If we only focus on a single metric like CO2, we may unintentionally further incentivize the shift from fuel to plastics and chemicals.

Our opinion piece was written with Safer Made advisor and Green Science Policy Institute founder Arlene Blum and Gretta Goldenman, founder of the environmental law firm Milieu and the board chair of the Green Science Policy Institute.

We highlight the need to invest in safer chemistry and alternatives to single-use plastic with the same scale and urgency that we are addressing climate change. After all, chemical production accounts for 18% of global industrial CO2 emissions and the petrochemical industry is increasing production of plastics and chemicals to make up for decreasing demand for fuel.

Chemical product requires significant capital and resources to scale. The decisions we make today will be with us and in our products for the next 20-30 years so let's work together to make sure we are investing in the safest possible future for our communities and our planet.

You can read the full article online or find it in Tuesday's paper. Please share the article with interested colleagues.

Thank you for your support of Safer Made and our mission to ensure that the chemicals in consumer products are safe for human health and the natural world.


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