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Safer Food Packaging Materials

Along with food, we also “eat” the packaging and materials food touches on the way to us. We need to treat the materials in our packaging like the ingredients in our food and demand the healthiest options available.

In our latest report, “Safer Materials in Food Packaging,” we highlight the need for innovation in food packaging, as well as a vision for a safer food packaging future.

Innovation in the packaging sector is necessary because plastic from packaging pollutes our waterways and oceans, packaging waste makes up a large portion of our solid waste, and there are many harmful chemicals in food packaging.

As people become aware of packaging’s pollution and health impacts they are seeking safer packaging, and current regulatory guidelines may no longer be sufficient to address consumer concerns. Brands and retailers need to make their packaging safer for people and the natural world.

In this report we identify three major innovation needs for the food packaging sector: alternatives to petroleum based plastics, improved end-of-life functions, and safer functional additives, and we highlight more than 100 companies and innovators addressing these challenges.

Read the full report to learn more about the future of food packaging, and please share the report with people in your network.

Our best,

Marty and adrian


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